There is nothing more intimidating than the idea of a first date unless, of course, it is getting up the courage to ask for that first date. Most of us will not even get to the point of asking four out of five times. So what if you finally get up the courage and, to your delight, the person says yes? Well, your adventures through the land of intimidation are just about to begin.

The agony of the first date begins when you try to decide what to do. The conversation often becomes bogged down right here- you do not want to choose a date that the other person will hate, nor do you want a generic date that anyone could have dreamed up. Some safe ideas are the old standby’s- a night at the movies, dinner in a restaurant with a few options (nothing too specific or risqué like sushi or Indian yet), a day in the park. If you play your cards right, the conversation should lead you to a point where you both find out interesting facts about each other. It will then serve two advantages- the first is that you have a curiosity about each other, the second is that it allows planning and getting a set time for the second date. This date is great as it allows for a demonstration of your listening abilities and the opportunity to expand your dating options into other safe areas.

Choose a date that will allow you alone time without adding the burden of too much privacy. This will allow you both to feel comfortable and keep the conversation flowing. Your first date should also include some good conversation starters. This is why the movies and perhaps a dessert or coffee afterward are a good idea. You can go to the theater, and both of you can decide on the movie., Afterwards, the movie itself should provide ample fodder for conversation.

There are several signs that the date is going well. One of these is laughter- if you are both laughing, the odds are very high that you are having a good time. There is nothing more rewarding than female laughter on a date; it means that you are in the door of approval. Don’t overdo it and don’t even try to play for laughs. Understated humor is the best way to go. Time seeming to fly by is another good indicator of a successful date, as we never have enough time when we are enjoying ourselves.

There are some suicidal moves and places when it comes to first dates. Bars immediately spring to mind. Many bars are filled with juvenile-minded people (mostly young men) seeking to prove their manliness to a public that is in no need of convincing by looking for fights. If you happen to be a big guy, you will present an immediate target. This will inevitably result in a no-win situation. Fights are ridiculous behavior for an adult to engage in. Nevertheless, you may be forced into a situation where one cannot be avoided. There are contingent consequences, including a possible loss of respect from your date and even charges. Bars also imply heavy drinking, and your date may think you are trying to get her drunk to take advantage. If you both find out that you enjoy dancing, try to go to one of the higher-class watering holes in your area. Otherwise, avoid bars altogether on the first date.