Congratulations, you met someone you like (through friends, online dating services, on your own, or any other way…), and you are going on a date!

Here are some basic first date tips to help you get ready for your date:
Apparel, is, of course, the trickiest of them all, you need to look gorgeous, but as if it took no effort to achieve this look. Well, I have to break the bad news to you – no one can look terrific with no effort. Even those seemingly slobby rock starts to invest hundreds of dollars in their designer’s shabby jeans, and in their well-trimmed bristles.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t go over the edge on your first date, or you’ll send the message of over-enthusiasm, which may scare your date away.

So what to do?
First of all, make sure you are clean and that you smell good. Don’t surround yourself with a scented cloud, but it’s a worthy cause to use that expensive perfume that collects dust in your closet. When it comes to choosing an outfit, you have to follow one basic – feel comfortable.

You don’t have to wear the most brilliant and expensive item in your wardrobe. The main idea is comfort, and when you feel comfortable you are relaxed and at your best.

Here’s a tip to women:
Surprisingly, men usually don’t care what they’re wearing: you are most attractive when you feel attractive. Therefore, you should wear only the things that make you feel this way and not tiny dresses (or anything else for that matter) that might make you feel too self-aware and uncomfortable.

Finally – do not change anything too drastic in your appearance before the date. When you got yourself a date, your partner already liked the way you look, so don’t try to change your appearance to impress your date.

Be natural and relaxed, and you’ll be at your best.